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Day 1 (6th March 2017)
Think in English using 40 English Sentences….laying the foundation.
Thinking and communication is asking questions and giving answers.
Thoughts about class….statements
TYPES of English Sentences - SPAR
1.              It is interesting – PRESENT STATE
2.              It was interesting – PAST STATE
3.              It will be interesting – FUTURE STATE
4.              It has been interesting till now – PRESENT STATE + DURATION OF TIME
5.              It has 26 participants – PRESENT POSSESSION
6.              It had 25 participants – PAST POSSESSION
7.              It will have 27 participants – FUTURE POSSESSION
8.              There are six fans in this class. PRESENT REAL OBSERVATION
9.              There were five fans in this class. PAST REAL OBSERVATION
10.    There will be seven fans in this class. FUTURE REAL OBSERVATION
1.              Is it interesting? – PRESENT STATE
2.              Was it interesting? – PAST STATE
3.              Will it be interesting? – FUTURE STATE
4.              Has it been interesting till now? – PRESENT STATE + DURATION OF TIME
5.              Does it have 26 participants? – PRESENT POSSESSION
6.              Did it have 25 participants? – PAST POSSESSION
7.              Will it have 27 participants? – FUTURE POSSESSION
8.              Are there six fans in this class? PRESENT REAL OBSERVATION
9.              Were there five fans in this class? PAST REAL OBSERVATION
10.    Will there be seven fans in this class? FUTURE REAL OBSERVATION
It is helping me to improve my English - ACTION
Present Actions
1. Lal acts in movies. HABIT
2. He likes travelling. ATTITUDE
3. He acting in a war movie now. LIVE ACTION
4. He is shooting tomorrow. FUTURE ACTION
5. He has got two national awards. PAST ACTION
6. He has been acting for 35 years. LIVE ACTION + TIME PERIOD
7. He acted last in Oppam. PAST ACTION
8. He was working with Priyan in Oppam. LIVE ACTION
9. He will act in Lucifer. FUTURE ACTION
10.                  He will be working with Prithviraj. LIVE ACTION
Present Actions
1. Does Lal act in movies? HABIT
2. Does he like travelling?ATTITUDE
3. Is he acting in a war movie now? LIVE ACTION
4. Is he shooting tomorrow? FUTURE ACTION
5. Has he got two national awards? PAST ACTION
6. Has he been acting for 35 years? LIVE ACTION + TIME PERIOD
7. Did he act last in Oppam? PAST ACTION
8. Was he working with Priyan in Oppam? LIVE ACTION
9. Will he act in Lucifer? FUTURE ACTION
10.                  Will he be working with Prithviraj? LIVE ACTION
1. Are movies made by him?
2. Are Action movies liked by him?
3. Is an action movie being made by him now?
4. Is a new movie being made by him next year?
5. Have five movies been made by him?
6. Was a good movie made by him last year?
7. Was a Tamil movie being made by him last year?
8. Will a Hindi movie be made by him in future?
1. I shall play.
2. I would like to play.
3. I can play.
4. I could play.
5. I must play.
6. I should play.
7. I used to play.
8. I have to play.
9. I need to play.
10.                  I may play.
11.                  I might play.
12.                  I ought to play.
Making Yes/No questions
1. Shall I play?
2. Would I like to play?
3. Can I play?
4. Could I play?
5. Must I play?
6. Should I play?
7. Do I have to play?
8. Do I ought to play?
9. Do I need to play?
10.                  Did I use to play?
11.                  May I play?

Day 2 (7 th March 2017)
Wh –questions.
How was the class?   STATE
How many participants were there in the class? REALITY
When and where did you have the class? POSSESSION
Who took the class? ACTION
It was useful.
There were 26 participants.
We had it at Women’s ITI, Malikadavu from 10 am to 4 pm.
Mr. Vinod Kaliyath took the class.
Wasn’t the class useful?
Weren’t there 26 participants?
Didn’t you have it at Women’s ITI from 10 am to 4 pm?
Didn’t Mr.Vinod take the class?
It was useful, wasn’t it?
There were 26 participants, weren’t there?
We had it at Women’s ITI, Malikadavu from 10 am to 4 pm, didn’t we?
Mr. Vinod Kaliyath took the class, didn’t he?
We have learnt four question types.
ADDING INFORMATION with prepositions.
Jassir has come…to meet you…with his father…for giving the invitation…of his sister’s marriage…on 21st of March…at 11 am…at their house…in Beypore…near the LP school.
There has been six meetings this week.
Lal had acted as a villain in many movies before becoming the hero.
Lal had acted as a villain in many movies before he became the hero.
Lal had been acting as a villain in many movies before becoming the hero.
He will have completed the war movie by the end of March.
He will have been working in the war movie for one year by the end of March.
Tomorrow the class starts at 10 am.
I have had two classes this week.
A letter to the Education Minister, Kerala sharing some suggestions to improve the English language skills of students in general.
Vinod Kaliyath
English Teacher (Kozhikode)

The Education Minister of Kerala


SUB: Sharing a few thoughts on improving English skills of our students.
As a person who has been taking English classes for the last few years I feel that we Keralites have not explored the power of English communication in making themselves more employable globally and also to register their voice at national level. The reason for this is that we are not innovative in developing new methods and techniques in learning and teaching English at our educational institutions.
To make our students more interested in English language we need to have good libraries having books that relate to students’ lives, aspirations, imagination, dreams, issues, anxieties, adventure etc. The next step is conducting discussions on different issues faced by students. The best speakers have to be given credit at school and higher levels. Every week a speech has to be given by a student about a book that inspired them to do better in life. Every year the people should know who among them is the best with respect to English language skills like writing, speaking etc.
Besides these, the teachers have to teach the students how to give speeches, how to interact with people and also how to participate in group discussions.
The students should be encouraged to write poems, stories, dramas, short film scripts in English and these should be published in school magazines.
And the most important thing is that they should be encouraged to think in English by teaching them a range of English sentences which can be used for self expression and self empowerment.
In short, schools/colleges/institutions/organizations should become nurturing grounds for pursuing excellence in using and improving English language skills.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Vinod Kaliyath
Making IF sentences
I will come to Canada if you send me the visiting visa…..A plan in future.
I would go to Canada if I got a visa… A dream in future.
I would have gone to Canada if I had got a job visa…A regret or an impossible chance.
Speed Reading…..
Reading phrase by phrase….and not word by word…..
Reading --- Comprehension
Day 3 (8 th March 2017)
To persuade someone of the merits of  ……SELL
Raj Thekkayil
The Manager
ABC School
SUB: To apply for the post of a teacher in your reputed school.
REF: Advt. in Indian Express on 20 th Feb 2017
This is to bring to your kind notice that I would like to be considered for the post of a teacher in your reputed school. I am enclosing a copy of my resume so that you may examine my qualifications.
May I request you to consider my candidature for the above mentioned post.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
Raj Thekkayil
WORK PROFILE A well qualified teaching professional with a vision to bring a change in the life of his students.
A well qualified and experienced teaching professional with a proven track record.


Date: 8 March 2017
To: Production Manager
From: Personnel Manager
Please refer to your memo pd/21 dated 2nd Feb 2017 requesting for a change in working hours of your division because of the extremely hot weather conditions.
As desired by you, the Vice President, Personnel, has agreed to change the working hours. The new timings will be 7.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m. (Monday through Saturday) with effect from 17th March 2017 to 1st June 2017.
Kindly inform all the employees working under you.
K.S Shah
SUBJECT: Inspire others THROUGH A SPEECH in English to visit a place/read a book/see a movie/meet a person/watch a TV program/buy a product/do a job/have a dish/an experience- something that gave you a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction.
You can write five sentences on the topic and give the speech and then explain the details as and when needed.
Day 4 (9 th March 2017)
Write an email to your friend who has been living abroad for the past twenty five years, since 1990; about how life in Kerala has been changing and what you think about the next ten years- a glance into the future.
Dear Ramesh
How are you? How’s your family? It has been a long time since we had an interaction. So I thought of writing a mail which can make up for all the time that has passed since we last shared our feelings and thoughts.
You would be eager to know how our state Kerala has changed in the last quarter century. Yes, there have been enormous changes – in all walks of life. Let’s us observe all the major ones, one by one.
Lifestyle has improved a lot in Kerala, almost on par with the developed societies especially houses and other facilities.  Food consumption has increased. The sedentary life style has also led to a rise in lifestyle diseases.
Communication tools like mobile phones, Internet, computers and laptops have become very common. But this has lessened the old custom of face to face communication. Also a lot of abuse and misuse of modern communication have taken place.
Health sector has developed. A lot of hospitals with hi-tech facilities have come up. People from other countries also visit our state for health treatment.
Environment has suffered because of pollution and deforestation. The summers have become hotter and rainfall has reduced affecting crops.
Food habits have changed. We eat more and work less. Home-made food has been replaced by fast food and bakery items.
Financial condition of NRI’s, employees has improved but those doing manual jobs and daily wage workers are not secure financially.
Politics has moved away from people. It has become more party based, caste based etc.
Sports in Kerala has become more diversified with people pursuing games like Cricket, Hockey etc.
Gender roles have become more flexible. Female population is more active and taking interest in all types of activities previously taken up by males. Equality is the buzzword nowadays.
Social issues like stray dog issue, women’s security and pollution are worrying us.
Law and order is many times threatened by incidents of ragging, cyber crimes, drug abuse, child abuse and crimes against women.
Education has undergone a vast change in curriculum design and delivery. But the abilities acquired by students are still not satisfactory enough. Although more and more students are getting educated with Information Technology (IT) and better infrastructural facilities, the quality has to improve further for getting better jobs. But the silver lining is that the female population has become more educated than the male population. Besides this, the privatization of education has led to more number of professional colleges which has further reduced the quality of education.
Jobs and employment sector especially in technical jobs like welding, carpentry etc. need more care and attention. Govt. and private sector should be able to employ the technicians with better salaries.
Cast mindset of Keralites is still strong which restricts them from overcoming caste barriers. But it must be said that the backward castes have become stronger socially and financially with the reservation and other affirmative policies of the state.
Development is happening at a very fast pace in many sectors mainly in areas like construction, technology etc.
Family life has in many ways disintegrated with the advent of nuclear families, new gadgets like mobiles, smart phones, TV etc. Elderly people in families have become isolated and neglected because of fast and busy life of young generations.
Roads have been built throughout Kerala reaching even remote areas of rural areas resulting in high land prices all over giving a big boost to the real estate sector.
Culture has undergone a sea change in Kerala as lives have become fast and busy. People think more of their rights than duties. Life skills, traditional values and social ethics have eroded.
Media has helped in making NEWS, entertainment. Sports accessible to us 24X7 anywhere and anytime.
 A healthy entertainment is missing in the lives of many people in our society. This results in stress and strain in relationships and personal lives.
Religion has been very a dominating force in society in the last few decades. People are showing more passion in using religious symbols and observing rituals.
Travelling and transportation has become more user-friendly and pleasurable. But the roads have become too much crowded with two wheelers and cars. Driving has empowered females and given them wings to realize their aspirations. Visiting distant places has become a family hobby.
Consumerism has been defining our habits and happiness in many ways. Success is nowadays measured in terms of how much a person has been able to buy and acquire and not by his virtues in character.
With this, I conclude my observations about Kerala. Hope you have enjoyed reading it.
Your ever-loving friend
Raj Thekkayil


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