Monday, April 3, 2017


What does it mean to "Think in English"?
Image result for faq"Think in English" just means to think about anything/everything in English Sentences(or using English Sentences). The Great Art of Making English Sentences(GAMES). No pun intended. It's a serious issue because this aspect of life is never discussed in our educational institutions.

What is actually taught/discussed in educational institutions then?
We always see English as a means to show our supremacy, our status, our knowledge, our position, our good manners/etiquette(soft skills) etc. In short English becomes a vehicle to showcase our ego-based-desires and also to give vent to our emotional outbursts. English is never seen as a tool for  social empowerment, to create better thinkers, better speakers, better leaders.
We focus our English learning to "succeed" in some specific/particular situations like Interviews/Public Events etc. So naturally schools/colleges/institutes also teach the same thing, English expressions for others, by others, of others. The learner, his/her thoughts, is always ignored. This means until our attitude towards "English" changes, the educational system will remain the same. 

What are the consequences of this teaching/learning English for being "successful" in some specific/select/special situations like Job Interviews, Tourist Interactions, customer-client communication etc.?
Because of this, English that we learn is not used for greater purposes like nation building, creating jobs for socially and economically backward, and for uniting/integrating the society and achieving results/progress as a nation. English should become a means to achieve equality in society.  

How will "Think in English" help to speak fast and fluently?
"Think in English" means to think about what to speak and not how to speak because you have already taught your sub-conscious mind the "Way-Method-Logic" to think in English. So the speech is fast and fluent.

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