Friday, May 9, 2014


(Interviews are formal conversations  about our Personal, Educational, Family and Career details to be shared with the interviewer.)

Here I is the interviewer and C is the Candidate.

C: May I come in sir?
I: Yes, Please do.
C: Good afternoon sir
I: A very good afternoon to you...please be seated.
C: Thank you sir...
I: So how are you young man?
C: I am fine indeed sir and ...thank you for asking.
I: Well....your name is?
C: I am Raj Mohan.
I: And you are from which place here....?
C: I am from Kozhikode....the exact place is called Balussery.
I:  Who all are there in your family, Mr. Raj?
C: I stay with my parents and a younger sister. My father runs a small grocery shop and mother is a homemaker, sister is a student in GVHSS Balussery.
I:  OK... now coming directly to this interview let me ask you this you have any kind of experience in this field of Student Counselling?
C: Sir I have taken a few classes for undergraduate students and also done counselling as well as marketing for a management institute in Calicut city.
I: (looking into the resume) And your qualification is B.Com and anything else...?
C: Sir besides having a B.Com degree with 65 % marks from Calicut University I also have a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IGNOU.
I: Fine....Now listen Mr. Rajmohan ...this job requires a lot of people skills like co-ordination, motivation and training and also appraisal. Are you confident and competent in all these areas?
C: I am extremely confident and enthusiastic about this job sir...In fact I have also worked as a management trainee for an educational firm while doing my IGNOU course as mentioned in my CV sir.
 I: Yeah...I can see it here...for ABC International right?
C: Yes sir. That's right.
I(studying the CV for a minute and then deciding  on something): Now tell me Mr. Raj, are you ready to undergo a training programme in Chennai for three days starting from tomorrow? 
C:With pleasure sir.
I: OK..In that case you can take leave now and prepare yourself for tomorrow's programme. The company will take care of your journey to the programme venue but you should be here by as early as... I would say 8.30 am...Will that be alright with you?
C: Perfectly alright sir...
I: And do remember... your position in this organisation will be decided by our Director after the training sessions get be there in body, mind and spirit, hundred and one percent.
C: I will sir and thank you very much for all your help and guidance. It was a real pleasure interacting with you.
I: You are welcome always Mr Raj....
C: Good Bye sir.
I: Good Bye ....see you tomorrow.

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