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PRACTISING MES (Making English Sentences) @ CREST.

english sentences के लिए चित्र परिणामI am a student of 28 th batch of CREST.
I was in ______________ last year.
I will be in _____________ next year.
I have been interested in _______________ for __________ years.

I have classes everyday from ___________ to ______________.
I had ________ classes yesterday.
I will have _____ classes tomorrow.

There are ___________ students in my class.
Yesterday there was an interesting _____________ at _____________
Tomorrow/today there will be _________________ at ______________

I come from ________________ in Kerala.
I like ____________________
I am attending EC class now.
I am having/attending _____________ classes today.
I have done _____________ in _______________
I have been studying ______________for _____ years.
I got a prize in ______________
I was studying/working as ________________ (last year).
I will improve _________________ at CREST.
I will be working as ________________/ doing _______________ (next year).

I am _____________ , a student of 28 th batch of CREST.
I come from ________________ in Kerala.
There are _______students in my class.
I have classes everyday from _____ am to _______ pm.
I was in ______________ last year.
I was studying/working as ________________ (last year).
I have done ____________in _____________________.
I have been studying _________________for _____ years.
I will be in _____________ next year.
I will be working as ___________/ doing _________(next year).
Yesterday there was a ____________ at CREST.
Tomorrow there will be a ___________ at CREST.
I am attending EC class now.
I am having/attending _____classes/sessions today.
Yesterday I had ____ classes.
Tomorrow I will have ______ classes.
I will improve ___________ in CREST.
I like __________(Cricket). (Hobbies/Interests)
I have been interested in __________ for ____ years/since my ____________ (childhood/school/college days).
I got  a ________( I/II/III) prize in _____________ (last year).
I was always encouraged to study at home and I am expected to _______________. 

I am being trained in English by  Mr. _____________ at CREST now.
In the afternoon we are being trained in ________________ by ________.
We were taught _________________ by _______________yesterday.
I was being trained in Maths by Mr. ______________ at CREST (before this session).
Tomorrow I will be trained in Computers by Mr. ____________ at CREST.
We have also been asked to attend many other programs like talks, seminars and workshops conducted by CREST.
How many modal verbs can you find here?

You might be asked some questions after this self-introduction. Can I start? Would you like to speak about your family? Could you please tell me about your siblings? 
May I ask you another question? Do you have to come here everyday? Do you need to cook your own food? Do you ought to read newspapers everyday?
You used to be a good Badminton player in college days. So you must show interest in Badminton. I shall provide you all the facilities and you should practice daily.  

english sentences के लिए चित्र परिणामSo we have used here a pattern of 40 English Sentences(ES).


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Image result for an idea whose time has come
Don't believe in other people's feedback till you experience it yourself....the simplicity of learning and enjoying EC with "Think in English".

This blog is to make our students good users of English sentences on a daily basis so that they become "natural" users of becomes their nature to use English. So it helps students to graduate...from "I am learning English" to "I am using English.

"It is difficult to learn English...English is a difficult language...Nobody helps me in learning English....." If you say this again even after browsing this blog...then you are JUST JOKING....YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT LEARNING ENGLISH...YOU DON'T SEE THINGS IN THE RIGHT stay grounded and keep will win.

Think of English as a Tool to Survive, Succeed and Soar high in life.

BELL(Blog for English Language Learning)ing the EC(English Communication) cat...

The school to bank on.

Engaging...Understanding...Exploring like a friend to THINK in English

THINK in ENGLISH blog, to understand our natural ability to THINK in English

 A vehicle for your "Think in English" dreams. i too can think in English...thanks to "Think in English" blog.

Anybody can... think in English with this blog...just really works.

To express your true " self " in have to Think in English.

Teachers don't teach English in our schools. Rather what they do is they teach English grammar, English text and also how to write answers to questions asked in their texts. Students don't learn how useful English is or what they can do with their English know-how. Children are taught how much unnecessary English is in their real life and that learning English only means that you can score marks in English exams. We should actually make the students realize how much they can make things (and life) easy (and comfortable) with their use of English. English can do wonders/miracles in their life (and world). This blog can give some new thoughts to people.

This is more than a's actually a user manual to "Think in English"

Let's discover the power of our thoughts in English...Here and Now. 

This blog is a complete school of thought in learning/training/thinking in English.

From now onwards let's rename BA as Bachelor of Ability to Think in English and MA as Master of Ability to Think in English. Learning English in schools has to have a goal, a useful purpose  in life. It should not be about mugging text books, teacher-centric lectures and marks in exams. It should be about a skill/vidya.

This blog is all about "Exploring the Power of THOUGHTS in ENGLISH"

It's a celebration of life with EC...a thought fest...a thought-utsav.

A journey into the heart of EC to find its soul and be in oneness(in love) forever...

We have always tried to learn English language as though it exists outside of ourselves. Now let's give our "selves" a chance. This blog is all about thinking about ourselves in English. So it's all about thinking; ourselves; and English as a language, an expression of thought. But our dream should be more than "Think in English". It should be as high as "I am English in action". Why not ? We become what we think.  Don't we?

“Think in English” is more than a blog/book/banner. It’s an idea whose time has come. Think in English world citizens and tell the world who you are

Not "Spoken English", it's time now to "THINK in ENGLISH" for better English Communication(EC)....because your thoughts need the power of English Communication(EC).

Every citizen desires to improve their EC(English Communication) skills.The EC revolution is ON...Anybody can think/speak/write in English language if shown the right way. This is the purpose of this blog.

This blog can change someone's life, his/her attitude towards EC(English and Communication). And they will be grateful to you for sharing the useful info.

Its a small world of new ideas...a new world of small ideas.

It's learning English Communication Literature that matters in life, not English literature.

In schools/colleges what is taught: "How to write in English"
In Spoken English Institutes what is taught: "How to speak in English"
In "THINKinENGLISH blog" what is learnt: "How to think in English"

If you have a WILL, and a VISION, then there are WAYS, a million. This blogs aims at providing the students/youth/learners/people a complete road map to develop their EC skills.

This blog tries to redefine English learning as GAMES - the Great Art of Making English Sentences. English Communication is made as interesting/exciting/fun filled/fulfilling as playing games.

EC is made to look like LIFE itself, here. It is Logical, Interesting, Funny, Endless(LIFE).

The blog stresses on the use of SID(Speech-Interaction-Discussion) method in classroom to empower children/students/participants/people with EC skills.

"Think in English" is an idea which inspired a blog and a book...but this is just a beginning. It has to translate into action...making students good at: giving speeches, interacting with global audiences, participating in group discussions, carrying a conversation etc. This idea has to prove its utility. Time alone can judge its usefulness. So let's wait and watch.

Don’t stop yourself from “Thinking in English” and discovering a new world of opportunities, success and happiness. Let’s celebrate EC with lots of Speeches, Interactions and Discussions.
A continuing and easy package for learning and practicing EC

This blog is specially designed for those who would like to learn English Communication(EC) in a new way and not in the conventional style followed in schools/colleges/other institutes. It has a learner centered style where the knowledge of English Communication is aimed at personal/professional/career development. The rules of EC are  is given in an easy, simple and natural way without putting any stress or strain on the learners’ minds. In short, reading this blog will surely be an enjoyable, engaging and empowering experience for all.

"A space  for those who believe in the power of communication - English Communication - all types of communication"  

CAN you...
use a mobile phone?...Yes
read English?...Yes
participate in an English conversation/discussion?...No?
Then this is what this blog will help you to do.

The real aim of this blog is not only to help you become a good English speaker/writer or communicator but also to empower, enrich and engage the mind with new ideas, expressions and powerful/meaningful/beautiful qualities inbuilt in EC, helping you to think better, interact better and transform your realm of thoughts and personality.
Join the EC Blog revolution...this wave is unstoppable...



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Image result for who is a  good user of a product
Asked the students to speak about their actions if they are given Rs.1 lac. The product that buy should be used daily, has a scope for learning new things and also it should give them a chance to help others/society. In other words, it should make them a social entrepreneur. 



Image result for CONVERSATION TOPICSAsked the students to divide themselves into teams of five to six members each and then come to face the audience one by one. One person in the team would go to the other side and face the questions asked by the other members of the same team. The whole conversation would take place before the audience. The topics for conversation given to the teams were the following:

1. Something new in my life....

2. A joint property/issue....

3. A change that you observe...

4. Something exciting in your life...

5. A problem that you faced...