Wednesday, October 12, 2016

An open letter to all citizens,

Dear friends,

SUBJECT: It is time for us to THINK:

How many of us have ever thought about the inability of our student community to "Think and express themselves and their thoughts in English language" in spite of studying "English" for years and decades ?
Why is it that a child after learning the English alphabet/letters and then words/spellings, is not taught next "How to express their thoughts/feelings/needs in English" in our schools?
Why are we denying this much needed 'life skill" to our school/college students - especially in government, state run schools?
Isn't it one of the fundamental rights of a child to learn to "Think/Express in English"?
Isn't it one of the greatest of all scams ever to have committed and going on even now, thanks to our mysterious silence in this matter? 
Even after seventy years of getting freedom, we Indians have not developed a formal system in our educational institutions to empower our students with the crucial skill of "Thinking in English" to make them relevant globally in their respective professions? 
And finally, let us make "Think in English" a reality and not just a dream/fantasy for our aspiring millions(girls and boys, men and women) so that their voices are heard and listened all over the world with interest and admiration.

Thinking along with you,
Vinod Kaliyath

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