Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ANITA ANN THOMAS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Mahanaim house  
Muttikulangara (PO)
Kerala, India
E-Mail :
To secure a position in a professionally managed institution, which will provide an opportunity to utilise the teaching, communicative and creative skills for the successful career growth and development of oneself and the institution.

Ø Pursuing Ph.D in English Literature from the University of Calicut
Ø  M.Phil in English Literature from Nirmala College, Bharathiar University
Ø Masters degree in English Literature (2009-2011), Mercy College, Palakkad (Calicut University).
Ø Bachelor’s degree in English literature from Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad
Ø Schooling at Kendria Vidyalaya No- 1 Palakkad
Ø Training sessions for ITD instructors and ministerial staffs
Ø Handles training sessions for Principals, HODs and teachers of reputed schools in kerala
Ø Conducted trainings at Industrial Training Department (English for Workplace Communication) for the Principals, HODs and Instructors-District level.
Ø Handles lecture series for Consortium for Educational Communication(CEC) -UGC, broadcasted in the National channel DD1 and Gyandarshan
Ø Freelance trainer – English Language and communication, Soft Skills
·        Training sessions at the Indian Institute for the Chartered accountants (kerala, Pondicherry)
·        Training sessions for Aptech, Mumbai
·        Training sessions for NORKA (kerala)
·        Sessions for the 10th grade students
Ø External faculty of SI-Met College of Nursing from 2011
Ø Handles MA English classes at the Department of English, University of Calicut
Ø  Distance Education faculty at Bharathiar University and Calicut University
Ø Trainer at SB Global, Ernakulam
Ø BPO non voice trainer for Helios and Matteson(2014- 15)
Ø 2 years of working experience  in Yuvakshetra Institute of Management studies as an Asst. Prof. English, in the Department of English and as a soft skills trainer
Ø Worked as a trainer- English language and communication in Kingfisher Training Academy as an English Instructor for two years
Ø 2 years of experience in working with VETA, as an English Trainer in communicative English and Grammar, and professional English.
Ø 3 years of experience in working as a part time Lecturer in Little Flower college, Palakkad (Private).
Ø Worked as a lecturer in Co-operative College, Palakkad.
1/ Presented a paper on Canadian literature-“A Study of Diasporic experiences in Beatrice Culleton Mosionier’s In Search of April Raintree”(International level)
2/ Presented and published a paper on “Individuation in Beatrice Culleton  
         Mosionier’s In Search of April Raintree” (National level Paper)
3/ Presented a paper on “Individuation in Karukku”
4/Thesis submitted to Bharathiar University
     Title: “Mapping Individuation in Bama’s Karukku, Sr. Jesme’s Amen and Sara 
                 Joseph’s The Scent of the other side”
     Area: Indian literature and Psychoanalysis
 5/ Presented and published a paper on “The Study of Individuation in Bama’s Autobiographical work- Karukku”
6/ Thesis submitted to Calicut University
Title:  “Assimilation and Longing in a Foreign Land :
A Diasporic Reading of Select Stories from Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Arranged marriage”
Area: Indian Diasporic Literature
7/ Presented a paper in the National seminar Conducted by Kongunad Arts and Science College.
Title: “Ruth as a Role Model for the Modern Society”.
8/ Anchored for the national conference organized by Anantha Krishna Iyer International Centre for Anthropological Studies 2009
§  Subramania Iyer and Seethalakshmi Memorial  Endowment Prize (2007-2009)
§  Third position in KVS Chennai Regional  Competition
§  First position in KVS Kochi Cluster (2003-2004)
Ø Third position in Chennai region Intra Cluster sports and games(Discuss Throw) School level over all championship in sports and games.
COMPUTER  PROFICIENCY:  Certification in Office Automation
NAME:                                                          Anita Ann Thomas
AGE:                                                               28
KNOWN LANGUAGES:                             English, Malayalam, Hindi
FATHER                                                      Thomas Varghese
MOTHER                                                      Lilly Thomas
MARIETAL STATUS                                   Single
STRENGTHS:                                                Command over English language with a                    
                                                                     Neutral accent, Go getter,
                                                                     Pro-active, good communicative skills, 
                                                                      and writing skills
INTEREST OUTSIDE WORK:                                 Sports        
HOBBY:                                                         Reading
DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief
DATE: 13- 03-2017                                                                                                        PLACE: Calicut

Monday, September 12, 2016

A letter to all students/friends who are looking for better jobs and prospects,

Dear students/friends 


While attending any Job Interview/ Panel Discussion/ Training Session "What you think in English / Your personal thoughts in English on a particular topic/issue/subject/aspect" become important. 
You are noticed and measured by what you speak on topics that are related to you for eg. your native place, your school/college/favourite subject, your comments on social/national/international issues. 
So it is useful for your success/progress in any job/profession/career that you keep improving and improvising your thoughts/ideas in English especially at job interviews/work places/public forums/media world. 
That means once your education at schools/college/institutions get over, don't think of English as a subject; instead think of it as a skill, an art, a science... to think, express, impress and get success and happiness in life.

Thinking of you,

Yours sincerely
Vinod Kaliyath

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

An open letter to all students/teachers/trainers.


SUB : Classrooms are to make students think in English.

As a person who has been taking classes in English Communication for the last 15 years, what I have understood clearly is that our education system focuses too much on text as far as teaching English is concerned. Text becomes the center of an English class. Then questions based on the chapters in the text follow and then comes discussing the answers. Now the question is "Where is the learner here? Are their needs, dreams and thoughts taken care of ?".
What we need is classes based on learners' way of thinking, their thinking process and engaging their thoughts. The students have to discover how to think in English and use their thinking skills in finding solutions to situations faced in class. A class should be about the students' thoughts and how to put their thoughts in words and sentences for them to communicate freely and naturally in English. This is what we have to come across in our classrooms - students being empowered to "Think in English".

Thanking you

Yours faithfully
Vinod Kaliyath