Sunday, January 10, 2016


Image result for self imageAsked the students to find partners and act as Image Consultants for each other. Firstly, one of them has to share his/her ambition, writing it on a paper and giving it to the "Image Consultant". After this the consultant can ask some questions to see how credible is the other person's claim to be in that position/role. Then the consultant has to give some advice answering questions like:
What do I have to have ? You have to have a better voice.
What do I have to be ? You have to be more knowledgeable.
What do I have to do ? You have to get more experience

Finally, the consultant can give a quantifiable picture of how close is  his/her image to that of an ideal candidate in that role. This can be stated like:
You sound to me as a good manager : 20/30
You seem to me as a good manager :  20/30
You feel to me as a good manager :  15/40
And your total score is : 55 /100 to be a good manager.


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