Monday, November 30, 2015


Image result for NO ENDIn this game the students come to the front and add a word one by one to a sentence given by the teacher. For eg., the sentence can be: I am... / I have... / I can... etc. The students can add words like I am a...I am a student...I am a student studying...I am a student studying in ....etc.
But the sentence should not end with a full stop. It should go on and on till all the possibilities of making a good/better sentence is explored by the students and the teacher.


Monday, November 23, 2015


Image result for Oxford English Mini DictionaryAsked the students to use a dictionary and write the meaning of a word (like Education, Marriage, Family, Job, Employment, Game, Happiness, Poverty) and read it before the class. The audience should then try to figure out which is that word that the speaker is trying to define by this sentence. Points can be given to the team which does it right; first without any clue, then with a clue, for eg., this word begins with the letter "p".

Using Oxford English Mini Dictionary - Indian Edition : A group of related things....and the right answer is "Family". The process of teaching, training, or learning...and the right answer is "Education".


Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Asked the students to work in teams and think, discuss, decide on one social issue that their group would like to take up for a presentation before the entire class. 
Image result for thoughts
Then let them take a chart paper, write the issue as the title/theme and ask the other teams to think/find solutions to that specific issue. The charts can be pasted on the walls for all to see.
The solution given by the teams should be a one liner written on a slip of paper and has to be pasted on the chart paper which is about the concerned problem. 
After all the teams have given their solutions/ideas in the form of mini slips put on the mother chart, the teams who selected the problems can mark one solution given by other teams as the best along with their own solution to that problem. 
After finding the best ideas for different problems, the teams have to make a presentation using their chart as a visual tool; talk about the ideas mentioned by other teams and why they selected a particular idea(not theirs) as the best and also talk about their own solution to address that situation.


Saturday, November 7, 2015


How was the journey to this place...the transport used, the time etc.
How are the natives? What do they do?
What did you buy from here...(the products)?
How is the climate?
What did you see here...(the sights)?
How did you spend time here...(the activities)?
Where did you stay?

The audience can ask a yes/no question and then write their answer on a sheet and show the team that had asked the question.



In this exercise asked the teams to speak about a movie.

Image result for movie scenes malayalam
They can speak about the movie as given here:
1. There is a character in this movie who is/has/does.......
2. There is a scene in this movie in which .......
3. There is a song in this movie which is sung by/about/picturised in.......
4. There is a  dialogue in this movie between  .......
5. There is a message in this movie about.......

The audience can ask a yes/no question and then write their answer on a sheet and show the team that had asked the question.


"OBJECT TALKS" EXERCISE - Passive Voice Structures

Image result for biriyaniIn this exercise asked the teams to speak about a dish.

They can use passive voice sentences and speak as if the dish itself is speaking....the sentences can be:
1. I am prepared using.......(mention the ingredients used to make the dish)
2. I am very much loved by .....(mention the natives/people who eat it a lot)
3. I have been liked by ....(others who also have this like a special dish)
4. I am being prepared now at ....(mention a hotel/restaurant where you can get this dish in its best form)
5. I will prepared during .....(mention a season/festival/time when this dish is usually prepared)

The audience can ask a yes/no question and then write their answer on a sheet and show the team that had asked the question.


Thursday, November 5, 2015


Asked the student-groups to present before the class a SWOT analysis using a movie/story(fiction or real life) by describing two situations where there occurs a change (a contrast/transformation) in the way the importance/nature of a character is perceived.  
Image result for swot analysisIn one situation, it's an easy/enjoyable opportunity for the character to act with confidence and display his/her strength/self-worth. In other words, this situation can be called an adventure.
The other situation is a perceived threat for the character, a challenge/a difficulty that produces fear/lack of confidence/insecurity/doubts and can expose his/her weakness/irrelevance/worthlessness. This situation can be called a problem, a risk, a danger.

The students made their presentations group wise with all the members speaking something about the topic.
Some of the movies that were used as a case study were: 
1.Tare Zameen Par
2.Three Idiots
3.Chak De India
4.How old are you?
5.Lord Livinston 3000 Kandi