Tuesday, October 6, 2015



The teachers can give some sentences to students for them to speak to the audience and see how they respond to what was said. It is meant to create an effect by using your communication.

These sentences can be: 
1. I am here for the first time. Can you tell me what kind of courses are             conducted here for the students in this institute?
2. Today while coming here I saw a movie shooting/a crowd/ a procession?
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3. I have reserved two tickets for a movie. Who is interested to come?
4. You know I am going to Bangalore for two days.
5. I am having a lot of doubts regarding this topic. 
6. I read a book called "Life of Pi"
7. I have some work tomorrow at Hotel Taj.
8. I got 100 likes in one hour for a post.
9. I changed my mobile/bike.
11. My friend has got a job in Dubai.


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