Sunday, May 31, 2015


Image result for friendly neighbourhoodThere was a time when people lived their lives as a part of the society. And the most important of it was the immediate neighbourhood.  Our neighbours used to be the people who made us live happily. 
But now days we think of our neighbours in terms of what comforts they can give us in sheer material terms and seldom about what we can share/enjoy with each other. 
A big change that has taken place is the perception that our material needs should drive our relationships with our neighbours and not social/emotional/intellectual/spiritual ones. 
As a result, our relationships are getting one-dimensional with material needs assuming the highest priority.  So it’s high time that we worked for solutions that last long enough for making our relationships transcend generations. Let’s not build walls of indifference between neighbourhoods but bridges of mutual  trust, faith and understanding.



All that we have to deal with the worldly situations is a mind which has the ability to think and to believe. All the other resources exist because of this vital/amazing thing called the mind. We do a lot with our mind, achieve/acquire a lot, enjoy a lot, possess a lot but do we ever try to understand our mind ie., what is it/ what does it need the most/ what is its real nature/ why does it behave in  particular way/what makes it happy or sad etc.
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The day we humans try to think about what/why/how we "think" we will understand our “selves”, our roles, our desires, our needs, our relationships, our abilities and our inabilities. Let’s hope we get/find time for unravelling the mysteries within us to deal in a wiser/saner way to deal with the things that lie outside.