Sunday, April 12, 2015


In this exercise asked the students to share their life lessons as a winner in life. The students were told that "a loser is actually a winner unacknowledged". More than winning, what is important is to have a spirit of being a winner. 
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What really moved the audience in this exercise was people expressing their gratitude to their parents for making them what they are now, facing so many ordeals in life and coming up trumps. Some could not hold back their tears and found it hard to control themselves.
What we really understood in this exercise is that when we start believing that we are all winners, our attitude towards life, people in our lives and society changes and we develop an attitude of gratitude bringing peace, harmony and oneness with our world around.


Saturday, April 11, 2015



We mostly think remaining in our comfort zones. This comfort zone can be imagined to be like a box with five sides which are:
Image result for five sided polygon1. Our likes/dislikes which make our attitude
2. Our perceptions regarding pain/pleasure.
3. Our beliefs based on past experiences.
4. Our prejudices about a person/thing.
5. Our assumptions/limitations.

So for a thought/view/attitude/perspective/opinion to enter/entertain our mind box, it has to first confront these five, ever-vigilant security guards which is definitely not an easy job. So what is the way out, how to deal with this big five? 

You can use suspension of disbelief/ methods of make-belief used in movies. You can hire impressive vehicles to popularize your ideas like celebrities/models/people having great voice/people perceived as successful in life/methods and techniques - the science and art of communication(drama, marketing etc.). Slowly and steadily, the great walls develop pores, new ideas seep in especially when we are communicating to educated and open minds and things make way for new thoughts, a complete 360 degree shift(a revolution literally), a paradigm change in the thought process. Now the need is to sustain this fresh wave of thoughts, to keep it stable through habits(actions), object-anchors(possessions), company of like-minded people, books, newspapers, TV shows, movies, etc. And things/thoughts/persons/societies change for better, better for all, for healthy minds, bodies, social well being and for the natural environment where we live, grow and flourish.


Friday, April 10, 2015


Image result for the driving forceAsked the students to make a presentation on "What is the driving force in your career?/What motivates you in your job-work-profession/What excites you in your workplace-institution-organisation/What life-purpose do you see being fulfilled by being in this position?  


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When to start teaching English Communication in schools?

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If a person shuns his mother tongue, then he/she may lose the basic clarity of thought process that is necessary for one's development as an individual. ---MT Vasudevan Nair, Jnanpith Award winning author
During a training session for a batch of XI class students, one of them mentioned that in her previous school where they had to speak only in English or else were made to pay fine if they spoke in their mother tongue and the kind of bitterness she felt towards the school authorities' who imposed such a draconian law that curtailed their right to speak in their natural language of thinking and made them feel frustrated and suffocated creatively and vocally; this made one feel that the right age to learn to "Think and Speak in English" should ideally be after ten and it should happen out of their volition. If you ban the use of mother tongue in institutions especially where the learners are very young in age then it is like killing their ability to think and speak altogether. The students stand a chance to lose the most important God given gift they had been endowed with at the time of birth - the gift of thinking and discovering which is so useful to understand their own minds, their society and the natural environment where they live.
Besides this too much emphasize on speaking without clearly telling the students/learners the basic rules to make a simple English sentence is also a futile exercise in itself. The ideal way is to first let them enjoy and empower their thoughts in their native language and then gradually expose them to a few expressions and a few rules to make sentences in English. Let the students have the best of both worlds. Let them be open, non-judgmental and neutral to all languages. Let them not be swayed by the culture of the native speakers of a particular language. Let them see language only as a vehicle, a tool to carry their thoughts across to an audience and nothing else. The audience matters, not the language. Let the situation, the occasion define the chosen language. And let people be proficient in multiple languages and feel the freshness of their thoughts when dressed in the right robes. 
Who are we, ordinary mortals, to tamper with/cripple their minds by banning their thoughts if expressed in their mother tongue. I am asking this question again, who are we to play with their natural evolution in the way they think, reason, imagine, feel, introspect and reflect. Let there be diversity in the way people think and express their thoughts and in this uniqueness lies the true answer to the well being and happiness of societies.


Thursday, April 9, 2015


Image result for the story narrationAsked the students to narrate a scene/story/script/situation to an actor and then direct the scene with the actor enacting the role.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Being In Someone Else's Shoes Ex.

Image result for ithihasaAsked the students to imagine that they have got a power to send their mind/thoughts/spirit into somebody else ie., a famous/rich/influential/powerful person. Whom would you like to be if given such a power to live in the body of some other human being for a few minutes? 


Saturday, April 4, 2015


Where is the REAL SOCIAL NETWORK? Where are the minds that think about society as a whole (and not about their individual selves however big/nice it may seem to be)?
Are human beings finding social network dispensable? No, it's not the social network like Facebook which is the center of this discussion. It's the real society around us, the people who make our society. 
In most of our thoughts and conversations people don't figure at all. Why is it so? Are human beings less important than mobiles/automobiles? Have we lost our compassionate mind? 
Image result for people in KeralaWhere is the human society now that was once so vibrant, dynamic and passionate about each others' welfare? Today people go to social functions, gatherings, activities not to engage/ participate/contribute to the betterment of the community but just to see that you are keeping up with the Jones's. The social health/well being/progress is hardly given any thought. 
And the fallout of this trend is quite visible in the way our traffic, our public utilities like libraries, our hospitals, our schools, our media, our transport system etc.  are concerned. When there is no wealth/wave of thoughts, the social fabric just gets lifeless, colorless and dies out. It's time for some thoughts and discussions on how to reconstruct the social edifice on which all the existence of the human species rests.

Image result for people in KeralaTO BE CONTINUED... 

Friday, April 3, 2015

EC Gossip/ Why do people spread gossip/watch TV serials?

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Gossiping ie., spreading rumors etc. about other people(our own fellow beings) is a common pastime among those who spend most of their time at home, doing household chores. This kind of a conversation/discussion gives their mind an outlet to release their pent up(repressed) feelings which get accumulated as a result of their frustration in living up to the perceived/learned social rules/ethos/roles. The repressed mind of a person needs somebody to target their baser instincts/emotions/feelings on. Most of the time the prey/victim happens to be a neighbor/relative who seems to be leading a better/happier/more successful life than the rumor/gossip monger. 
Image result for TV serials malayalamWatching TV serials also serve the same purpose provided the serials have characters who live life on their terms disregarding social norms/customs or displaying their true(or evil or socially unacceptable) and ambitious nature without fear or shame. This makes the audience serial addicts as they find an evil incarnate whom they love to hate, and hate and hate...They want all the bad things to happen to this man/woman in small doses each day and thus enjoy a vicarious pleasure that is hard to describe!
So it is high time people reclaim their humanity by facing their fears boldly and not suppressing their dreams/aspirations/desires. Let us live a life of dreams and desires ourselves and not blame/shame others who are doing what we are/were unable to do. Every life has imperfections. Everyone makes mistakes but to play the blame game is actually playing into devil's hands; the devil in us. As they say, an idle mind is a devil's workshop. All the gossip mongers/serial watchers have two things in common-they all have a lot of time to sit idle and second they don't think that their life has a worthy purpose. They day the people empower their repressed selves and start living their dream lives, TV serial makers/gossip(rumor) mongers will find no takers and go underground or to some other planet.

Image result for gossipTO BE CONTINUED...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015




Image result for mindCan we say that?
It's not a person but his mind that commits a sin/crime. 

We think about the toxins like pesticides in food/vegetables/fruits, but what about the toxins in our thoughts? Aren't they more poisonous?

I am not thinking against you, it's your mind that is my focus.

Mind is neither our friend nor foe. It's like a machine.(MIND - Machine/Involvement/Needs/Direction)

Mind has certain qualities like getting habituated, a set pattern of thinking etc.

I am happy for struggles, they made my big, deep and kind.

I am not happy. I am neither unhappy. In fact, I don't want to believe in the duality of everything. I am above happiness and unhappiness, the state which is not vulnerable to the events in life.

Real love is to lean more and more about a person/thing. When you love something/somebody you needn't have to learn with effort, the learning becomes your nature. You yourself become what you love.

A world which is moving towards - possessing what one likes and disowning what one dislikes, consumerism is going to be the be all and end all of everything.

It's the mind that likes to make/break rules. Some of us are engaged in making new rules, some in implementing them and a vast majority in following them. All of them are playing according to their minds.

Only through Intelligent thinking can we find answers to our queries and for this we need to rise above the mind level thinking to a higher level of thinking. The first step is a detached observation of our thoughts and then gradually finding the the intelligence within.

In the sea of thoughts ie., mind, the boat of wisdom has to find a shore.


The Karma of Choice: Choose happiness

After an event/incident one can have either of these thoughts:

1. It is good that this has happened because.....

2. It is bad that this has happened because.....

The thought that we choose will decide whether the event(s) is positive/negative for us. The choice is entirely ours. The event per se has got nothing to do with our life/our luck/our destiny. 
If we think that the event is positive for us then we are winners. If you think that the event is negative for us then we are losers. So the way we see something determines the fate that particular event will bring in to our lives. Hence, destiny lies in the attitude of a person. In one's perspective. In one's outlook. In one's manner of thinking. Winning/losing is all a matter of attitude/outlook/perspective. 

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