Monday, September 29, 2014

WOW!!!...Awesome opportunities waiting for the Worldcitizens...

An enterprising train journey to discover India and your role as an entrepreneur in India, for India and to help the Indians

An opportunity for all world business leaders--- MAKE IN

A Govt. of India initiated Citizen's Idea sharing 
My Gov
TRAFFIC TIME  for Kozhikode denizens...dial 9447 444 800 / 0495 2366 174 / 2366 176 and voice your traffic issues on AIR - Real FM (103.6)


Saturday, September 13, 2014


In this exercise the students divided themselves into teams with 4-5 members each and gave an imaginary gift to all their team members. While giving the gifts they had to see to it that the respective gifts matched the nature and personality of the recepient. 


Friday, September 12, 2014


In this exercise the students grouped themselves into teams and came before the class; they zeroed in on an social issue which warranted attention. Then each member of the team looked at that social theme from four different perspectives ie., social aspect/ youth and job aspect/economic aspect/ moral and logical aspect.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Call for Help @ Calicut

Fireman : Dial 101

Childline : Dial 1098

Hello Drivers: 9744555433, 9349555433

She Taxi: 8590000543

ORC (Our Responsibity to Children)
0495 2370302, 9446 258 292

For Youth Jobs : or call 87 143 06 186

Inviting women to be She Taxi drivers @ 94 96 015 010

Police Commissioner - Kozhikode: 94 97 963 508

Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum: 0495 - 2370455 

A forum for Men's Rights - 8156800077

For Kids with Autism
KIDSET Charitable Trust: A special pre-primary school for kids battling Autism and cerebral palsy, at Karat Road in Kozhikode: 9961 456 464

SOLACE (near Kozhikode Medical College in Spencer Plaza building): For kids fighting Cancer/ Autism/Heart Problems: 9656 440 001; 9447 353 362; 9495 230 146

Alcoholic Anonymous: 9349510022; 9349610022

A Safe Haven for women: Asraya Bhavan at West Hill: A shelter home for battered women: Dial 8547098370

She Helpline to help women in Household needs : 9400 381 003

An NGO for Civil Service Aspirants (YES India): 77 365 169 15


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


For happiness let's connect ourselves with our "always happy self" 
Happiness is a state of mind when you are detached from your actions and in-actions; possessions and dis-possessions; states and non-states; realities and illusions. Like a flower of lotus you are slightly above what is happening (and not happening) in this world. Just being in the present moment becomes the reason for your living.
A Sun just exists a Sun. Giving heat and light is its natural way of being a Sun. Similarly giving warmth and light is a Moon's natural way of being a Moon. So are the flowers, trees and rivers. And so are the things in the universe. They all just BE what they truly are.

This doesn't mean that action is not important. This actually means that action is a natural way of expressing your beingness. We human beings just have to be ourselves. We don't have to be doctors, engineers, officers, ministers, professionals. Just being our true selves is living. All the unhappiness results when we force ourselves into doing things which are not an expression of our true state of mind. Coming back to our true state of mind is happiness...Sat(True), Chit(State of Mind), Anand(Happiness) is all about regaining ourselves. 

PS: Once a great man was asked,"What should a person do to be of service to others?"
The great man replied, "Just be happy. Don't do things for happiness. Do things happily."


Monday, September 1, 2014

EC Phrases the life of human beings are actually worthless in the grand scheme of things.

From The Hindu...Friday Review...Sept 26th 2014