Monday, November 25, 2013


To say more about opportunities I must say that the media in Calicut has definitely helped this blog a lot through their informative reports, starting with Indian Express, Mathrubhumi, Chandrika, Veekshnam, Madhyamam, Pradeepam, Malayala Manorama and also TV channels like Jeevan, Jaihind, Amrita TV and KCL. A big thanks to all.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Comments (All the comments are fully let us be tolerant to any errors whatsoever!)

ITs an graet idea as we all learn language in existign structure may takes more time and hope his invention to learn language in easiest way claimed that helps lot of netizens struglles in conversing with english mandatory to raise their position in companies and have to interact with that language to address team members to management. Good luck and hats off for innovative way of teaching langague keeping in the mind of millions of professional suffering from unfamiliarity in mastering over that.
As a retired headmaster of Tamilnadu I appreciate the free service of teaching English and whole.heartedly bless the teacher for all the success. It is really wanted one for the village schools.
Really. pls clarify how it virtually benefited to layman/malayalee students
it is really a service from the side of Mr.vinod Kaliath.i appreciate it.
Appreciated your effort towards society. keep it up sir. you have done a noble job. we got energy from the noble ppl like you.... god bless you sir...
its really good for the students whose coming from Non-english background.
its really good for students
a vere good attemte
u r grat sir,,,
its really good for the student ......
Dear Vinod, you have done an excellent job. I know that all English language lovers will appreciate you. It will be very useful for all. Thank you very much
pls send me
Really. pls clarify how it virtually benefited to layman/malayalee students
Great effort from your side to think of a novel idea in a world of Globish. But the real cream of the language should not be neglected. English Teacher.
It is a great idea that may help all, thank u sir for ur new idea.
I dont no how can writting here, but I want lerning english so please advice me and teaching english,Iam very intrest for studing english.i know this written this so many problems here. thanking yours Rajesh
i appreciated your effort .easy way to learn english .
pls,clarify how can I learn english

Thursday, November 14, 2013


An activity based EC class(ROLE PLAY) at a school

From today onwards, English is also my language for daily transactions. (students taking an oath)

Scene 1 - At home
(After waking up) Good morning dad...Good morning son...How are you? Fine.
(Getting ready to go to school) Mom, Is my breakfast ready?....Yes, it is.
Can I have some more idlis, mom?....Yeah, here you are.
Thank you for such a delicious breakfast, mom....It's a pleasure, son
I am leaving for school...bye mom, bye dad...bye son

Scene 2 - In the classroom
(Asking a doubt to teacher) Madam, May I ask a question?......(after getting the answer) Thank you madam.
(During lunch a classmate) It's lunch time, can we have lunch together....Of course, why not?
Would you like to share my omelet? Yes, of course/ With pleasure/ No thanks, I am a vegetarian.
(School is a classmate) I am going home. See you tomorrow...Bye...Bye