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Its very helpful for freshers. on Practising EC
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Really its workout! Thanks A lot! on Sentence Construction

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very informative, thank u on Literacy in English Communication(EC) in just 40 sentences!...the ABCD of EC!!
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practice makes a man perfect on CONVERSATIONS ABOUT COMMON ISSUES IN A COMMON LANGUAGE in response to how to speak good english, 

   by RAJEEVAN M Maniyath.
very useful this post on VERBS FOR CONVERSATIONS
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i like this blog... check this blog: on EC INSPIRES
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Well pointed(as usual;)) on THE EC PATTERN
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 NICE BLOG!!! Education is the process of bringing desirable change into the behavior of human beings. It can also be defined as the “Process of imparting or acquiring knowledge or habits through instruction or study”. Thanks for sharing a nice information. 

   kashmir university distance education on EC GAMES

Wow what a fabulous post.I am impressed from this post.can you more share with me.I will come back as soon. Spoken English Classes on EC GAMES
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Awesome Vinod :) Keep up the good work on EC E-BOOK
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When i read this post its very information about English Conversation This tips is very useful for me and I will share it to my friends keep posting English conversation on VERBS FOR CONVERSATIONS
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Hi, Now 1ly i saw article about your blog in new indian exp.. i planned to learn through ur blog via read posts and practice. on GREATS in EC
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Kudos to your noble efforts. Way to go Mr. Vinod. All the best. on EC - VOICE OF THE VOICELESS
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Sir, you have done a good job. on EC - VOICE OF THE VOICELESS
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You are doing a good job. Best wishes on EC - VOICE OF THE VOICELESS
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hi friend! I just saw about your blog on Mathrubhumi Nagaram. Good that you decided to build this blog. I hope this will benefit the needy as online lessons of good English. Good luck!! 

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Blog Report(Courtesy: Indian Express)
Blog Report (Courtesy: Malayala Manorama)

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About ASAP

ASAP, Additional Skill Acquisition Programme, which was developed in 2012 under Kerala Govt. has so far trained 3200 students from around 102 governement schools all over Kerala in the area of Communicative English and IT Foundation also called Level 1. It has now moved to Level 2 which is the Skill Training Module.




1. NIMISHA: When I was attending my ASAP class I grew my communication skills. I think ASAP class is a source of English Comm. First we study about Skill Identification. I identified my skills. Sir told us about Chetan Bhagat story. That story inspired me. 
In the computer class I enjoyed very much. From here I got so many ideas about the computer, Net, and I got better idea about blog, Twitter, Rediff etc.
We presented different types of seminars. In the English class we did self guide, played games using verbs(combination games) and then made projects...We have some idea about how to manage the computer. 
I can never forget the 4th chapter English class for proficiency test..on that day we took a decision about "I am starting my efforts to get a good job from today"

2.SISIRA: ASAP is a valuable gift I got in the vacation. It improved my skills, English etc. I can never forget ASAP classes. It was a great experience to me.LOVE U ENGLISH LOVE U ASAP

3.ARUNKUMAR: In the computer class I had a lot of fun. Here I got a lot of ideas about computer and the Internet. And I got a better idea about blog, Twitter, Rediff etc. In this class I got a chance to share my ideas.

4.VISHNU: The ASAP class has given to me a wonderful world. In that world I can speak English fluently and I can write English correctly and it was the most beautiful days in my life. Really I miss the wonderful world ASAP. I really thank vinod sir for prompting us in a good way and for joining us like a good friend.

5.SUJITH: The IT class of the ASAP is very useful and interesting for me. Before the ASAP program, I had less knowledge about handling computer device and the Internet. Now I am very confident in handling the Internet. So I am very thankful to ASAP for making me active and knowledgeable.

6.ANAMIKA: In my personal opinion ASAP was a shining world of English, IT, and Personality Development. Everybody improved their own talent, Group Discussion and Communication skills. I am very proud to be an ASAP student.

7.ROSHIN: The ASAP classes are very nice and understandable. I really enjoyed the class. The creation of blog and email id is very interesting. The classes have changed my knowledge about English . I got confidence to speak English. I will never forget ASAP classes in my life. The classes gave me many unforgettable days and experiences and also many friends. "I REALLY LOVED ASAP CLASSES..." 

8.SANKEERTH: I can, I will, I must learn to communicate in English. This is how ASAP inspired me. Also I got new ideas and friendships; many group tasks; a new vision in life that is EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE...I share this with ASAP and Sir.  

9.MANJU: ASAP is an interesting class and very useful in our life. I like the class very much and understood very clearly. I like the computer class very much. Because I could learn blogging and Internet.  ASAP is a turning point in my life because with ASAP involvement my English Communication improved a lot.

10.INDU: ASAP class is very helpful to me. Now I like English and I try to speak English. I have confidence to face the audience. Before this class I didn't know how to use Internet but now I can. This course helped me to improve my English and it increased my confidence level. 

11.SUMINA: After studying in ASAP classes my knowledge about English Communication Skills has increased. It also helps to increase friendly relationship among students. It helps to increase my confidence also.   

12.ARJUN: This 180 hours are a main part of my life...

13.ADARSH: ASAP gave me very good experience, I got a chance to improve my confidence, improve idea about IT, and improve my personality. So I am very thankful to ASAP and Vinod sir. 

14.ASWATHI: ASAP class is very helpful to me. It gives me more confidence to speak infront of the people. That is either in Malayalam or English. Now I learnt more about computer, learnt how to make a blog, email etc. Now I try to read newspapers and books in English.

15.FATHIMATH SHAHALA: ASAP is a very class. It is a great opportunity to improve our skills and EC. Over and above I am proud that I could touch the heart of "ASAP". I really love "ASAP"
16.ANJALI N.C: ASAP class is very interesting and very useful in our life. I understood computer classes and blogging. I liked seminar presentation more...also ASAP classes...I got many English also more knowledge...  Thank you Vinod sir and ASAP team members...
17.DILEESH: My hearty thanks and compliments and encouragement at this auspicious hour rich with your great presence.

18.SREEHA RAVI: The computer class is very helpful to improve my skills. Now I know all my skills and drawbacks. We must have a planning in our life. Because it helps to identify what to do. 

19. ARADHANA: In my opinion the ASAP class was very interesting and I improved my computer knowledge. It’s a blessing of God. I got many ideas about computer and English. Thank you very much.

20. ANJU: ASAP class is very useful and my language has improved.

21. ANU: The ASAP class was good and effective class. I got the confidence to face an audience and also attend an interview. I got the confidence to communicate in English.
22. SRUTHI: It was a wonderful experience in my life. Now I am very happy to get a chance to participate in this class. It helped me to learn - what is a computer, what is Internet and how to use it, and also English communication. Today I have my own blog, twitter account, email id etc. In every way, I am so happy...thanks to ASAP.

23. ARUN: ASAP is a beautiful tree and our sir is the root of that tree, and we students are like leaves on that tree. I am also a leaf on that tree. Today all the leaves will fall from the tree and our happiness will also end ...we will miss you ASAP.

24. AMARNATH: The ASAP class is a very useful platform. I performed well in the project presentation last week. I realised myself. Before the computer class I didn’t know how to deal with computer devices and this time I can deal with computer devices. And I really thank sir for helping me in every activity.

25.SREEHA RAVI: ASAP classes gave me some unforgettable days in my life. It gave me more opportunities to do something. Now I can speak English confidently with the help of ASAP. And I got a lot of sweet memories. So I am very happy. 

26. RAGISHA: ASAP class is very useful and also a great opportunity. It is a now like a sweet dream in my mind.

27. SHYAMJITH: Our ASAP Course  Level-1 has been over now.  I improved not only my English but also computer knowledge. 
 All these students are now doing the Level 2 - the Skill Training Module of  ASAP.
The various skill courses under Level 2 are as follows:
1.Certificate in Accounting Technician
2.NSE Certified Capital Market Professional
3.Dental Assistant Course
4.Certificate course in Electronic Product Testing
5.Global Business Foundation Skills
7.Certificate course in Junior Correspondence
8.BSNL Certification in Mobile Communication
9.BSNL Certification in PC Hardware and Networking
10.BSNL Certification in Optical Fibre Communication
11.Certificate course in Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
12.Certificate in Printing Technology
13.Certificate in Junior Rubber Technician

All the best wishes to all ASAP students in Kerala.