Saturday, February 4, 2017


Image result for WRITING TASKS1. Make a story in English with the central character having your name.
2. Write a scene from a movie which can be shot in your native place.
3. Write a conversation that happened in your life before you took a very important decision.



Image result for in conversation
Which is the best place that you have visited so far ...say Mysore?
Can you share some of your memories connected with Mysore?
Do you think Mysore will always be liked by people of all ages?
Say something about the climate and also people....I hope you enjoy.

Which movie you saw recently?
Anything you would like to talk about it?
Does it connect with real life in some ways?
I hope it is getting good response from the people at large?

What kind of work do you like to be doing...that makes you feel successful and complete?
What about people around you do you want them to be?

How do you enjoy being alone?
How are your equations with your parents? Do they encourage you to do what you want?

Are you friends loving and kind....I mean do they help you in need and support you?

About a book you read...can you spill the beans...reading is a journey with the author...what you say?

Do you like vehicles...which one...want to own one?
What about some best loved moments of fear with joy.

Watching TV gives you what kind of pleasure...

Eating out ...enjoy that ....any special appetite for something....

Technology...geek or nerd...or just cool with your needs?

Spirituality...does it make sense to

The way the things are going do you think nice things will happen to you and all...


Friday, February 3, 2017


Image result for SPEAKING TASKS1. Can you give an advice to somebody who comes to you with a problem/need/wish.