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  • The book "Think in English" is used by Kinalur Govt. Upper Primary school in their PACE programme.  

A specially designed programme has been initiated by  Paropadi A U P school, Kozhikode to empower their students to "Think in English" by making use of the method given in this blog.   

A special programme has been initiated by the Jinarajas A L P school, Naduvattom in Kozhikode to empower their students to "Think in English" by making use of the method given in this blog.   

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Sunday, December 20, 2015


Asked the students to make a prediction about a future trend/happening/lifestyle/habits/skill/need/luxury/comfort/utility in a field of their choice that would/may/could/might affect/change/touch/influence our lives. This has to be done in teams as a group presentation.
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Inspiration: Got the idea from a line from the book "English 365" while doing the chapter "The Coffee business". The sentence which inspired this exercise is - If we were able to see into the future, life would be a lot easier. 


Sunday, December 13, 2015


Image result for daily englishAnswer these forty questions:

First ten questions:
1. Are you excited about this exercise?
2. Were you confident when you wrote/spoke in English?
3. Will you be active in English?
4. How long have you been a student of English?

5. Do you have the energy to speak English?
6. Did you have good marks in English exams?
7. Will you have the power of English Communication(EC)?

8. Is there a need for good English speakers?
9. Were there problems because of poor English speakers?
10. Will there be a change in our English standards?

Next about actions/ a hobby (next ten sentences):

1. I play cricket. Do you play any game regularly?
2. I like batting. Do you like anything in particular about your game?
3. I am improving my fielding. Are you improving any skills related to your favourite game?
4. I am playing my next game tomorrow? Are you playing any game tomorrow?
5. I have scored a century in Cricket? Have you got any achievement/prizes/records in any     game?
6. I have been playing Cricket for the last five years. Have you been playing any game for the       last five years?
7. I played Cricket last Sunday. Did you play any game last Sunday?
8. I was playing with my neighbourhood friends. Were you playing with your friends last     weekend?
9. I will play Cricket with Sachin, my dream player. Will you ever play with your favourite player?
10. I will be teaching Cricket to the small children. Will you be teaching any game in future?

Now about passive actions (Eight sentences):
1. I am given a lot of respect here. Are you given a lot of respect here?
2. I am liked by all teachers. Are you liked by all teachers?
3. I am being taught by Mr. Vinod. Are you being taught by Mr. Vinod?
4. I am being taught by Miss Rema tomorrow. Are you being taught by Miss Rema tomorrow?
5. I have been invited for the function. Have you been invited for the function?
6. I was inspired by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam while studying in school. Were you inspired by Dr.     APJ Abdul Kalam in your school days?
7. I was being taught by Malayalam medium teachers last year. Were you being taught by     Malayalam medium teachers last year?
8. I will be taught six subjects this year. Will you be taught six subjects this year?

And the last...Questions using modal verbs. (Twelve questions)
1. Can we play some games. It's free time now.
2. Could you please tell me which is the next session? Who will take it?
3. The teacher will come a bit late. May I read your notes for a while? 
4. Must I come early tomorrow? There is no class in the first hour.
5. Do we need to submit the assignments tomorrow?
6. Do we have to go to the main hall for the next session?
7. Do we ought to bring the text book to the class?
8. Should we call our class teacher?
9. Would you like to come with me to the library? 
10. Shall I become your group leader?
11. I used to play Football in school. Did you play Football ?
12. It might rain now. What do you think?




Image result for my favorite jobAsked the students to speak to the audience about their favorite jobs. They can start by saying: My favorite job is teaching. A teacher has to be ......../ to do ....... (speak about the duties/activities).  He/She should have .......(abilities/qualities).



Image result for word cluesAsked the students to come forward and think of a topic/keyword in their mind and then give the audience a few verbal clues to make them guess that particular keyword/topic. For eg. Resort, Multiplex, Health Tourism etc.



Image result for hobbiesAsked the students to share a hobby/habit of theirs with the audience and then answer a few questions on the topic. They can start by saying: I play Chess. Do you play Chess?



Image result for what if
Asked the audience to give the speakers an imaginary situation from a movie/TV show/ news report/story/novel/TV news/reality show/fiction/drama/poem/song etc. 

For eg. "What if you were in the shoes of .........?"


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