Thursday, November 14, 2013


An activity based EC class(ROLE PLAY) at a school

From today onwards, English is also my language for daily transactions. (students taking an oath)

Scene 1 - At home
(After waking up) Good morning dad...Good morning son...How are you? Fine.
(Getting ready to go to school) Mom, Is my breakfast ready?....Yes, it is.
Can I have some more idlis, mom?....Yeah, here you are.
Thank you for such a delicious breakfast, mom....It's a pleasure, son
I am leaving for school...bye mom, bye dad...bye son

Scene 2 - In the classroom
(Asking a doubt to teacher) Madam, May I ask a question?......(after getting the answer) Thank you madam.
(During lunch a classmate) It's lunch time, can we have lunch together....Of course, why not?
Would you like to share my omelet? Yes, of course/ With pleasure/ No thanks, I am a vegetarian.
(School is a classmate) I am going home. See you tomorrow...Bye...Bye


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